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Consulting Services

Public-Private Partnership
and Concessions

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Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a form of a long-term cooperation between a public and private partner for providing financing, construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of infrastructure and other facilities of public importance. PPP allows the project to be implemented without exposing the public partner to additional financial burden in a situation of financial deficit.

Our expert team provides consulting and support services related to the development and implementation of PPP projects, to both public and private partners in all phases of the PPP project, from preparation to final implementation, in all sectors where there is a possibility of application, such as: energy, traffic, healthcare, education, wastewater, landfills, environmental protection etc.

Greencons has developed a system that makes it a one-stop shop, providing its clients with a team consisting of economists, lawyers and other experts in one place, depending on the specific project.

Strategic Services

Greencons assists its clients by providing strategic services through structuring a company’s growth strategy by creating new or innovating the existing corporate strategy or optimization, capital allocation or transaction strategy.

We find potential businesses or real estates, whose acquisition or merger would achieve synergy for the client or we assist in sale of parts or complete business to our clients.

We provide services related to transaction structuring, from M&A, JV or other forms of associations and business partnerships, through various models of investment or deinvestment, such as spin-in, spin-off, management buyout (MBO), initial public offering (IPO), acquisitions, mergers and other forms of business optimization and growth.

Our services include diagnostic analysis and due diligence, preparation of transaction documents, as well as assistance in negotiations.

Economic and Financial Analysis

Greencons conducts economic and financial analyses for various projects. In connection with different types of analysis, we provide the service of applying to state institutions and funds.

Our consultants provide complete support in applying for grants for domestic and foreign investors.

advising on appropriate program selection;
coordinating all stages of the business plan development;
project preparation;
final realization;

Take advantage of the possibility of receiving grants from various sources, and overcome obstacles to realization of your business ideas.


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